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27 Dec 2010  

7 Ultimate x64 SP1
Home Network and USB NAS "not accessible"!

Here's the deal on this new development...

I have not been on, screwed with or otherwise altered our home network OR the router's access points/settings etc. in over a month. The last time I had to do ANYTHING over our home network or with the router/settings etc., EVERYTHING was working just fine. Flawless.

Finally had some time to do some stuff on here tonight, requiring "Readyshare" of the USB NAS device (simply accessing the drive from the network menu on windows), and... it doesn't work and neither does my home network itself. NOTHING works, NOTHING wants to communicate with anything else.

Everything tells me, basically, that such and such cannot be connected and to contact the network administrator (which is me). Can't access shared files on any computer from any other computer and the same applies to the USB NAS EHHD.

The only thing that happened which could explain this bizarre turn of events is that my mom had to bring her work home with her last Monday, but she needed to access her company's corporate server remotely... we were having a hell of a time getting "permissions" to let us through to it (it kept saying "untrusted" and that it was "blocked"), but eventually we managed it. That was on her computer, which has absolutely no admin permissions to the home network or else the new WNDR37AV router - none at all.

BUT, somehow I really and truly think that this "Oracle" program or else some kind of defense mechanism on that corporate server SEVERELY skewered my home network, believing it to be "unauthorized" or something and jacking it up. Nothing else can explain it. This was earlier last week, hadn't been on since until just tonight and... now nothing works, inexplicably!

I do not believe in "coincidences".

What do I do now? I am totally at a loss as to how to proceed in solving this... this is WAY beyond my 'expertise'.

I have checked all settings, on both the home network and the router itself... everything is as it should be, there is absolutely nothing that I can see which would or could be causing this breakdown in communication between my computers and the USB NAS storage device!

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