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27 Dec 2010  

7 Ultimate x64 SP1

Alright, well what apparently happened, and I haven't the faintest idea of exactly how, but this corporate remotely accessed server somehow managed to wipe out some settings in both the home network AND some advanced router GUI settings (both are password protected - no clue how it did it, but it did).

I didn't notice until I checked the settings in the advanced sections on both. This is certainly the most bizarre occurrence I have ever encountered, bar none. But it is clear to me that this company has hired absolute MORONS in it's IT department if a simple remote access feature results in the total meltdown of custom home networks and advanced router GUI settings!

I am going to report these issues to the company and hope they sort it out. Whether or not they decide to do so, I definitely will NOT be permitting any remote corporate server access from our internet ever again. I should have known better than to allow it when it kept returning "unhandled exception" errors and things popping up telling me the source is "untrusted" and crap about "certificates" left and right.

Guess I'm just lucky it didn't decide to eat crucial system data!

Let this be a warning to all... don't do it. Let the company eat their own downed internet, don't let them have you use your own - it only leads to bad things!

I've just finished setting both back up and so far, so good. Thanks for the help all the same.
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