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29 Dec 2010  

Windows 7
Ip doesnt have valid configuration, help!?!!?

my dad recently bought me an HP laptop for christmas. brand new, had never been used. it worked wonderfully up until we tried to connect it to the internet. it told me to reset my router, which i did and it took me through a bunch of troubleshooting guides. it kept telling me at the end of all of the troubleshooting that the connection was "unauthorized" and that i didn't have a valid ip configuration. however my father has a toshiba laptop and his connects to the internet fine. he uses linksys.

so he called HP and spent hours on the phone with them and they came to the conclusion that there must have been something internally wrong with the computer and that it was defected. so today we returned it, got our money back, and bought an ACER laptop. the lady at the customer service counter told us she had problems with her HP and said we should probably try a different brand. so we bought the acer aspire laptop and its having the same problem. it wont connect because of the IP address configuration. we've literally done everything.

the only difference between our laptops besides the brand is that his is windows vista and mine is the new windows 7. has anyone else had a similar problem and knows how to repair it?

please leave any information below.
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