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31 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with SP1
NIS 2011 Troubles

I posted the following on the Norton forums and have not heard any replies yet...

Let me begin by saying that I was really surprised to find my PC acting funny yesterday. I get a large number of spammy emails and Norton will maybe only filter out 1 or 2 of them. I do mark the rest it doesn't filter but I shouldn't have to be doing that all the time! A business that I recommended Norton to called me yesterday to say that their computer was compromised through the Norton Firewall. They were using Norton IS 2010. When I arrived, I could not open NIS 2010 interface nor could I initiate a full system scan. I upgraded them to the 2011 of NIS so that I could view some of the system history but didn't really see anything too much out of the ordinary. However, they were saying that when they were running NIS 2010, there were a few occasions where they would startup in the morning and after they saw the Windows logo, the screen would go blank. The system would not go to the login screen nor did it show any signs of wanting to go. They also said the computer was slow at times with performance going from fast to slow. I did run my diagnostic tools to look for viruses and other malware that was present on the computer and didn't find any. I did notice while I was on scene that the computer's performance was fast and slow. The Task Manager's CPU level would jump from 100% to 50% and so on in between. If Norton has a firewall and it IS updated, why is it not blocking any of these attempts? Being that the 2010 interface would not open up tells me that there indeed was something going on.

And now, on my personal PC it is also acting strange. As I said, I get maybe 30-60 pieces of spam a day and Norton only filters out about 1-2 messages at the most. Yesterday, I noticed that when I would tell Internet Exploer to close by clicking the red X in the right top corner of the screen, IE would close and then say that it automatically quit and was looking for a solution but never found one. I did do a restart of the system and that did not help. Then I started having problems with my email. I use MS Outlook 2010. When it would launch, it would show the opening logo and then go to my inbox. After about 2-3 seconds, the window would turn white and it would say Outlook automatically quit and was looking for a solution. It never did find one. I ran my diagnostic tools on my PC and found nothing as well. I did a full scan with my Norton IS 2011 and it found tracking cookies - nothing else!

Then, a few days ago on one of my other PCs, Norton let in a nasty rogue called Adware Professional. Norton flagged the download safe and flagged the program as safe. This rogue was a little different from others because it did not tell me I was "infected". Instead, it pounded the machine in the background with malware, adware and other junk. SONAR never picked up on this which in my opinion it should have. I have never heard of such a thing happening like this! All of the people that I have helped are now calling me complaining of being infected because of Norton.

What's going on??? Either Norton or SONAR is slipping up some where...
I am really thinking of not renewing my subscription after it's up. The business who also called me complaining of being hacked has already said they are NOT renewing.
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