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31 Dec 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Anyone? security paranoia aside; what could cause my dns client service to stop every 20 minutes then a few minutes later start again then 20 minutes from then stop again? I run very few third party programs in the background when doing nothing, especially ones that connect with the internet, I believe all I have is steam, my antivirus which checks for updates once a day, and windows updates which occasionally checks for updates. The only other things I really do on my computer is normal internet browsing, world of warcraft and I run ventrilo when playing usually. However, I don't think these things are related to the problem because I've noticed it happening without running either of these programs. I notice no problems at all with my internet connection while running WoW or ventrilo when it does this though.

As I said, I noticed my wmiprvse.exe under the network profile also stops when this first occurs and doesn't come back on until I restart my router and the service, and doesn't stop again until the dns client service starts stopping again.

I just want to toss this aside as nothing, which it probably is, but my mind just won't seem to let it go and I hate not being able to figure something out before forgetting about it.
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