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04 Jan 2011  

windows 7 home premium
RDP works only in one direction


I have a 2 PC network connected. I mainly use it for ICS and file storage. My host PC is Windows Vista Home and is the one that runs my internet connection. My client PC is Windows 7 Home Premium.

The client PC connects to the host PC without issue and internet is shared correctly.

My issue is that I only have one monitor and wanted to use Remote Desktop to connect to the host pc to redial my connection without having to change the monitor cable.

I have run Remote Desktop Connection on the client PC and provide the correct username and password but the login dialog simply disappears when I click connect and nothing else happens.

If I provide the incorrect username or password for the host PC the window gives me the error message that login failed, so this seems to suggest that something odd is going on when its provided the correct username and password because it should open the desktop window after that for the host PC.

I have also tried this with the firewall turned off on both PCs, and I have checked that Remote assistance is allowed on both as well.

I tested the Remote Desktop connection from the VISTA PC to the Windows 7 PC and logged on fine but I need to be able to connect from thew Windows 7 pc to the Vista PC as the Windows 7 one is the one I do all my work on.

Any hints as to where I am going wrong would be much appreciated.

Many thanks
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