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07 Jan 2011  
Mike Connor

Several, including Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

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Hey guys. I have a question. Whenever I open Google Chrome, it opens really close to the bottom of the taskbar, and I always have to manually drag it into the center of the screen and maximize it. How can I set it so that automatically opens in the center of the screen?

If you want it to open maximised then open the Browser and maximize the window. Click "Ctrl Alt Delete" and then select "Start Task Manager".
Highlight Google Chrome and click " End Task".

This will close the browser and it will reopen in its last (maximized) configuration.

If you want an easy way of handling windows quickly without any fuss or all sorts of dragging about etc etc then try this;

WinSplit Revolution


it will remember where all windows were and open them in that position again. Also easy to resize or move etc etc.

Regards....Mike Connor
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