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09 Jan 2011  


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Desktop temps using CoreTemp it says it's mid 40's idling. When under load I've seen mid 70's. If I've done my research correct my CPU max temp is 67.9C.
Do not confuse the CPU temp max 67.9C (Tcase) with the individual Core temperatures.

Individual Core temperatures, as reported by apps like Core temp, are always are good 10c+ higher than than the 'overall' CPU (Tcase) temps. Basically, a core temperature that reports higher than the the Tcase (CPU) temp is not a cause for alarm.

Your BIOS shows the CPU temp, Core temp shows the core temperatures.

For example:

To Watercool or not to Watercool...-tcase-vs-core.jpg

The 67.9C temp you should be concerned with is the CPU temp and not the Core Temps.

If your CPU temp is hitting the 70's - then you have a reason to be concerned.

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