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09 Jan 2011  

Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Ok... here is a little update. Those other CPU temps I was chatting about yesterday... Lets disregard those, I was playing around 'CPU Level Up' In my bios in Extreme Tweaker. I had the think running @ 3.70Ghz..

Now today I set the 'CPU Level Up' back to auto so now we are running @ 3.06Ghz. I'm only OC'ing the ram, can set it to 2133Mhz. It seems to run that speed with no hiccups. I left it idling for about 3 hours. When I check the CPU temp in Bios it reads 31.5C.. I guess this is good as the updated snip of AIDA64 tells me it's about the same..

As for the core temps to be out of order. I'll have a go at replacing the paste under the cooler some time shortly and see what we come up with. And yes I built it myself.

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