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09 Jan 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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Ok.... Maybe I'm being paranoid but I think my system is running a bit to warm.. If I go to bios it says CPU temp is 41-42C. Desktop temps using CoreTemp it says it's mid 40's idling. When under load I've seen mid 70's. If I've done my research correct my CPU max temp is 67.9C. I wonder sometimes if I should change from my cool looking massive Zalman to the H70 or somethiing like that. Check my system specs and let me know what you guys think. I think I might be losing it here..
Actually the Intel stated Tcase temperature is 67.9C. The Tcase temperature is measured at the center of the heatspreader with a thermistor. The core temperatures will generally be significantly higher than TCase.

My research is showing that the tjMaxx is around 100C for all i7 variants. So, mid 70's under load is no problem whatsoever.

Edit: Sorry, for some reason I didn't see the last 3 posts when I put this up. My scroll apparently wasn't scrolling. Others have covered the Tcase issue with you and the fact that the number you are seeing and what Intel lists on their site might be a big deceiving.
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