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03 Jan 2009  

Windows 7 RC
Modifying Explorer.exe Graphics

This be my first thread, but it's been the first major modification attempt I've decided on in the Windows 7 beta.

I was playing around with XN Resource Editor, a useful tool for editing some of the graphics contained in EXEs. I found out that the start button is stored in Explorer.exe, which was not much a surprise. However, the surprise came when I tried to replace Explorer.exe with a modified file. The issue is not that it's modified, it's that I can't touch it.
I've already attempted renaming the file (both XP and 7), but it's completely locked due to NTFS. I even tried the XP Recovery Console, but it wants an administrator password that doesn't exist.

The only two major clues I have is that, when attempting to edit it in 7, it says "Only changable from "TrustedInstaller" source, which I'm assuming would be a Microsoft update, and that in other instances the file comes up with "Access is denied. It is either unaccessible or write-protected".

So, anyone else have an idea of how to shift this file around? I know it seems kinda useless, if only to edit a few graphics, but at the same time it's showcasing some major protection against malware.

Thanks in advance!
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