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15 Jan 2011  
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Welcome to Seven Forums tsoaf. Those numbers don't seem bad, it's just all relative to how much memory you have. See my numbers, but I have twice as much memory.

high memory usage-memory.jpg

I have 63 processes running. I think 2 gig memory is the minimum these days, but as long as you aren't running out of memory when you are doing tasks, you are ok. memory is there to be used, and based on the comparison, I don't think your usage is high, but more that you could use another 2 gigs

A Guy


Hmmm, just looked at your pic again, and it seems to say you have 4gig, but only 2 are available? If you fill in your system specs, we can dig deeper. Let us know how much memory is installed, it may be that only half is being used?

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