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15 Jan 2011  

windows 7 professional 64 bit

hey so i stopped messing with the memtest because its annoying me and didnt get it working right. i did the memory diagnostics tool through windows and it showed no errors after the start up. for some reason now, before its never shown up but after running the test it is, i have the action center flag in my tool bar thing saying that i had a device error or driver error on 12-24-10. might have been my brother using my computer because i would have remembered it. this is what its telling me:

Stop (blue screen) error caused by a device or driver

You received this message because a hardware device, its driver, or related software has caused a stop error, also called a blue screen error. This type of error means the computer has shut down abruptly to protect itself from potential data corruption or loss. In this case, we were unable to detect the specific device or driver that caused the problem.

is there anything i should do? or now that its running correctly im ok? thanks for all your help guys.

edit: i also just realized that my last windows update was on 12-24-10. not sure if that has something to do with the problem or not but coincidence maybe?
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