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20 Jan 2011  

WIndows 7
Windows messenger 2011 problem.

Hello all.

I am having a problem with Messenger @ my work computer.
I have win 7 pro x64 installed. AMD Quad core and 8gig ram.
I noticed the problem happened after the update to Essentials 2011.
Today I have un-installed the entire pack, ran ccleaner, and then proceeded to re-install the WLE2011.
The result is the same. Here is my problem:

Messenger will start properly and everything seems fine.
As I hit the "Sign In" button, it takes a long time to pop up the contact list (with "Not Responding" popping up about every two to three seconds).
Once the contact list is loaded and my mouse is over the contacts, it freezes again and seems to unfreeze. Then repeats the process. It never completely crashes but hangs. What is really interesting is that the error reporting does not detect this.
For the mean time, I have it uninstalled and went back to a previous version.
Maybe thats the way it should be :P.
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