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21 Jan 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Thank you VERY MUCH

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Everyone stop what you are doing, shut up, and let me share with you what I just learned!!!

You have to make a simple .bat file to CLOSE WINDOWS EXPLORER because the task bar in will try to push through the video codecs and such in a lot of older games, and 90% of the time, the game doesn't like this!

This is the one I used for Starcraft: Brood Wars 1.16.1 -

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
C:\"Program Files (x86)\StarCraft"\"StarCraft.exe"
start explorer.exe

So for my Fallout 2 install, it looks like -

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
C:\"Program Files (x86)\BlackIsle"\"Fallout2"\"FALLOUT2.exe"
start explorer.exe

(Mind you I'm using Windows 7 x64 Home Premium, 2.2Ghz Dual Core, 4GB RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce G210M video card)

To make a Batch File (.bat), simply open Notepad and paste EXACTLY what I've given you into it, then go to "Save As". Change the "Save As Type" from "Text Document (*.txt)" to "All Files", name the file something like "Fallout 2 Explorer Kill", then save the file to your desktop. Double click it, play your game, and ENJOY!

Hope this saves many people hours of searching every forum at the end of the internet for a fix, at least to these two games! All other things that you've changed in compatibility tabs and graphics card menus should be able to be put back to a default or desired setting.
This worked awesomely. Thank you very much.
One thing to add. The .bat file that you make has to be placed in the root directory of the game and then make a shortcut of the .bat file and place it on your desktop. Then double click the shortcut and it runs great.
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