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06 Jun 2009  

Windows 7 Release Candidate Build 7100

Zigzag: According to the "About Guide Listings", it's powered by Zap2it. I can load Zap2it's website. Crunchy: When I start Media Center and go to Guide, it lets me know my guide is outdated and recommends I update, which I click to do so. Nothing happens. When I click "Get Latest Guide Listings" in Setup/TV/Guide, it says "A download of the latest Guide listings is currently in progress.", but the guide never updates. The computer is on 24/7 and has an always-on broadband connection. I have all the latest updates available from MS. The only thing I can think of, is maybe it's a complication from installing all the optional language packs. As I noticed a "Korean Guide Listing" icon in my programs bar, but I never clicked it.
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