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24 Jan 2011  
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Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
problem with windows live mail

I use Windows 7 Pro. I asemble my own computers from the parts. I got them put together aroound mide to late September. Windows live Mail came with the OS, it all worked very good, much like Outlook Express but different. Automatic update kept insisting that I update to Live Mail Essentials 2011. Atern a couple of months I did not like it so went to Programs and Features and remove Live Mail Exxentials, to my surprise it removed the original Windows Live Mail. I went to Microsoft, down loaded Windows Live Mail, installed and setup. A month went by, got hit by a drive by that started deleting files, had to re-install windows, all is well except now I keep getting bugged by Microosft to install the Essintials 2011.

Is there a way to do the update for only the features of this update that I want. The part that adds control bars at the top that look like Ofice 2007 which I do not like.

Another problem, posted here in another loaction. I tried to send a file to an address that wont complete because the addressee refuses refuses an .exe extension. I have not found a way to delete the send. Since the file did not send it does not appear in the sent folder, nothing appears in the draft folder. The only folders are INBOX, DRAFTS, SENT ITEMS, JUNK MAIL, DELETED ITEMS for each monitored email address.
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