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25 Jan 2011  

Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate)
Props to Game Booster...

For those of you playing older games (like me :P) on Windows 7 64 bit (at least for me) and you are having problems with erratic mouse movements in-game or error while loading, etc, etc... give this little gadget a try.

Be careful though, as everything out there, it will want you to update to their Pro Version and it will also want to install a bunch of other apps that you may not need or want so, make sure you install only the basic Game Booster software.

I was having such a horrendous time playing Medal of Honor Allied Assault and nothing I tried help. my aiming was just super slow and I kept dying all over the place. I tried new drivers all around, going back to old drivers, I even tried an old usb mouse I had (I am using a G9 logitech).

As soon as I installed the Game Booster, I tried the game and Presto... killing spree and rampage free!

Anyways... give it a try as a last resort if you are desperate just like I was!

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