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26 Jan 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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While on the usage pattern you have a valid point, but what if one only cares about speed and not pattern and financial justification? Even if it is used infrequently, the high speed portable device is nice to have especially if it can be used on any current computers with reduced speed. The goal with a portable device isn't to store gigabytes of backup images, huge files, etc. The primary goal is to share files, videos, etc, with other systems easily. For that purpose the 64GBs drive is more than sufficient.
If one only cares about speed, and usage and finances have no impact, by all means go with the fastest thing you can find and get that.

Obviously your goal of an external drive (sharing files) is different from mine (mass storage). All of my computers at home and at work are networked, so I don't use external drives hardly ever to move something to another machine. Plus, if I need a quick transfer or smaller files, I just use my USB key. For example, I put Dell BIOS's on my USB key and keep it with me. When I get to a laptop at work that is old and out of date, I just plug in my drive and install it. But these are small files...where the difference between 70MB/second and 250MB/sec wouldn't make any real difference.

Like you said, it really comes down to what you want to accomplish and what you use your storage for. I find my eSATA enclosure fast enough with a 5400 RPM Samsung SpinPoint 2TB drive in it. But my drive was also $90. So, while I could spend 2x as much, for 64GB (30x less storage)....for my external storage needs it doesn't seem like the right choice. For you, it might be different.
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