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07 Jun 2009  

Windows 7 7100 x64

I don't like the new task bar at all, but I suppose I can be grateful, since it led me to discover RocketDock which is perfect!

Task Bar Problems:
1. The horizontal spacing between application shortcut icons is too big.
2. Application shortcuts get mixed in with running applications, rather than having their own dedicated quicklaunch section to the left, with running apps being to the right of quicklaunch.
3. If you set task bar icons to small, the clock is small (I like having the weekday displayed on the clock); if you set them to big, they're too big. (I know you can keep small icons and make the task bar big so it displays the expanded clock, but then the task bar is too big)

Perhaps some of these problems can be solved, but I'm very pleased with my new setup:
1. Auto-hide task bar (I barely even use it anymore, which is a big change for me! In XP I couldn't imagine life without it)
2. Use RocketDock for all my app launch shortcuts (the magnify effect looks great, but I don't find it to be very functional, so I turned it off)
3. Put the Presto's Clock gadget in the top-right of my screen.
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