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29 Jan 2011  
Just married

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
qustion about calendar in wlm

I am using the standard version of wlm. When I click the calendar link near the bottom left of the widow I get a simple calendar place in the upper left area. Below that I have an option to create a calendar, I did, called in my name. I expected to setup an event on a particular date then when I clicked that date on the calendar my event appears somewhere. Did not happen??

Also one of the bars near the top displays REPLY, FORWARD, ETC. there is an entry thatreads "add to calendar" when clicked it, the messader that is selected comes up that apparently lets me apply a calendar date to which I did but nothing happens, clicking that date on the calendar does nothing.

The program is not all bad, would just like it to work a little better or work right.
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