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08 Jun 2009  


Sorry for double post, but i write this in other thread too and it fit also there:
I think I have probably the same problem (chip AD1988 or 1888 I always don't remember). I have distort only in mp3 or some games/ movies. But i find some strange thing when I change in AIMP -> Equalizer -> REVERB to max: MP3 files are playing mostly ok! I installed/uninstalled all of available drivers: Microsoft when install Win 7(recognize Standart High Definition Audio?), Soundmax from ASUS site (mobo A5B - XP, VISTA 32), beta drivers to win 7 and always have that ****ty distort. Please check with Aimp re-verb maybe it is the same problem, and the solution isn't in drivers but in right codecs...

I'm afraid maybe my card is broken - but if there are other person maybe not

Of course i have Win 7 RC7100 (32 - bit).

I must also check the network on board card because - I don't have this problem from beginning - i think maybe when my network card where updated by windows update.. Do you use your on-board network card? (Card have 1 issue on this new drivers:/ it boot my computer when router connect to ISP(1 time per day) - even when I off option "This device can turn on your PC"(or something)) .

Sorry for my English
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