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30 Jan 2011  

BSODs (Stop 0xA/0xD1)

Windows 7 x64
Original installed OS: Windows 7 x64 (Prior to this, I've reformatted in the past once)
Full retail
System is 2 years old approximately
Re-Installed OS just over a year ago

This may not be relevant but when doing these tests the only way to keep my computer up more than 3minutes or so before crashing was to disable the video driver. Things I did before this started happening: On 1/28 I downloaded Magicka, without thinking I chose to install some of the updates it offered to drivers and such, I also had downloaded Hamachi and Tunngle (I've used both previously but deleted both as well in the past as well they never gave me problems), while playing later that day I crashed, a lot, disabled the video driver and it let me run without a problem but crappily. After searching around on my own it seemed the few people with the same problem fixed it by uninstalling the drivers/device or however, so I followed the steps to do it in device manager and then let windows boot up normal and install whatever version it had, that worked for a day, last night I went into hibernate, started up this morning and BSODs all over again.
On that day that it was working fine, earlier that day I had tried "sfc /scannow" and it said it repaired some stuff, tried again and it said it was fine the second time, if that's relevant as well.

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