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08 Jun 2009  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1
I really start to love Windows 7 hehe

OMG Title.
Currently, I really start to love Windows 7. The main reason? RAM usage!

There's currently running RAM in-between []:
- 2 folders [23MB]
- Firefox [83MB]
- Windows Live Messenger (+ 2 conversation Windows) [22MB]
- AIM (+1 conversation Window) [35MB]
- Foobar2000 [23MB]
- Vuze (Aka Azureus) [66MB]
- Super Playlist Surf! (Audiosurf Add-on) [13MB]
- Audiosurf [582MB]
- Steam [42MB]
- Skype [8MB]
- NOD32 [11MB]

All that only take 1.38GB of my 2GB of RAM!!
I'm amazed. I don't think Vista would have done better.

Two screenies :

The RAM usage got somehow higher but it was first at 1.38GB when I saw the first time. But still!

Just checked back... RAM is back at 1.38GB.
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