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01 Feb 2011  

Windows Ultimate 64 Bit

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you can get a cheaper cpu cooler good quality if you are not over clocking .

you can always spend 15 bucks and grab the hyper 101 cooler for intel chips those wrok well even better with a 2 fan set up push and pull

if you want to get the cpu cooler and the card you would be out of atleast 135 out of pocket just my specualtion .

Yet the taxes are different in AZ then CA
Today I stopped by my friends house and picked the stock Intel CPU heatsink.
And I was thinking about testing this one, but then I need to buy the thermal paste which roughly costs around ten bucks. It's no biggie, but if I was to buy a new cooler, it would already come with thermal paste included. So it would be silly to buy the thermal paste if I can just buy them cooler and the thermal in one.

Now, what do you mean by the taxes are different from California then to Arizona?
I thought you don't pay tax when you buy online. lol (That's just what I've heard)

Also, today I finally downloaded Speccy from Piriform to check the temperature on the CPU now.
I was really surprised to see that it was up to 40c just by having Google Chrome running.
Now am sure I need to replace the thermal paste, or the heatsink because that's really high for a crappy CPU.
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