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03 Feb 2011  

windows 7 home premium 64 bit
mic not working on front panel


I bought my wife a new pc as the old one was a single processor and very slow. It has 2 issues. The new one seemed straight forward, quad core much faster but two issues are annoying enough to make my wife not want it.

1. The front panel seems to be wired differently to the old pc - my wife uses headphones with a mic for skype. Plugging in the phones did not get any sound. When I fixed this (I ticked the disable jack detection box which makes the phones part work but the mic does not work) the muting of the rear did not work. I swapped the old front panel from the old pc which includes a firewire port - so I am guessing the cables to the motherboard are digital rather than analogue? - and with this auto detection works. So is this an analogue vs digital issue? Trouble is the old panel won't fit the new case so I am stuck with the new front panel. As I say I can get the phones to work, the mic generally not but it did seem to work one time my wife played with setting (I was absent) and the auto mute does not work. I read some threads about ac'97 but nothing seems definitive.

2. I added in the hard disks from the old pc. One of them is recognised but after a while disappears. Explorer just does not show it and you have to reboot. The other is ok all the time.

Any help appreciated - I am semi techy by the way but not very. I can get the processor/motherboard spec if needed - it's Gigabyte I believe. Running Windows 7 64 bit.

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