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09 Jun 2009  

Dual boot Win7 Home Premium and Vista Home Premium SP2
Screwed up permissions


C Drive = Vista Home Premium SP1
W Drive = Windows 7 RC
D Drive = a) All my docs/files and b) My I Tunes library

Somehow, when booted into Vista, I can see, edit, move, add to my ITunes library on D Drive, but Access Denied on all my other docs/files.

When booted into Win7, I can see, add to, edit, open all files, but Access Denied to ITunes. TO actually GET to be able to use/edit these files when in WIN7 I had to go through each file, 1000's of them, and alter permissions to ALL AUTHENTICATED USERS, as Rod/PC or Administrator users was simply not recognised.

I am the only user of my PC, I ONLY get User:ROD when logging in to either O/S. Password is the same in either O/S.

When I change OWNERSHIP on D Drive and all subfolders, in one or the other O/S I can see and use EVERTHING on that D Drive, BUT NOT from the 'other' O/S...access denied again.

Isn't there a simple way just to have all my files on D Drive accessable to me, and USABLE BY ME, no matter which HDD and O/S I boot into? HOW can I just make D Drive visible and usable by me, the lone, sole user of this PC? This really seems unnecessarily complicated!

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