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04 Feb 2011  

windows 7 professional (student download)

I have gone through most of the stuff on file folders, tutorials and such. I down loaded the vista "reset_folder_view" [i'm using W7] and ran it. It fixed the "forgetfullness" part of when I would change column headings and the changes would not stick [ i'm trying to set up my music stuff with just the columns i want], but it only works just for the folder I changed it in, not the subfolders.

[ back to the tutorial] after rebooting your told to go into the control pannel/folder options/ views and check the "remember folder settings" selection. There isn't one, so what' that about?

As mentioned above the "apply to all subfolders" does not work. I'll select a "parent" folder in windows explore like
J:/Multi-Media/Audio/MyMusic/ that has about 100 subfolders full of albums, some 2 or 3 deep, I'll adjust the columns to what I want, check the apply to all subfolders box but none of the subfolders column heading get changed.

I need to change the way the defalut column heading "looks" when I open folders that are using the "music" templet format.


Thank you!!
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