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07 Feb 2011  

windows 7 professional (student download)

OK! I got it to work for all my hundreds of music folders. That's the good news. But like you pointed out in one of the links, all my folders are set up as music folders now. I guess I just can't do what I want to do.

What is the check box for that says "apply to all subfolders"? Why doesn't it do what is says it will do and apply the current folders looks to all it's subfolders? I only wanted one particular parent folder and it's subfolders to have the music format not every folder in Windows Explore. [ am I daft, why would anyone want there whole drive with one default format [ie general, data, picture, music etc?, that, would be the definition of stupid].

I guess I'll go back and play around with the general and data types. Maybe I shouldn't do this kind of stuff at 1 am in the morning

I hope there is some thing I am still not getting. You don't need to reply, I'll get back to you. Thanks for all you do!

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