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07 Feb 2011  

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
"A required CD/DVD device driver is missing" during Win7 Install

Hello everyone, first post and thread!

After many hours today looking for answers to this problem in many threads (and websites), I've finally decided to post to get some help from you guys! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have just finished building a new desktop, here is the config:

Intel Core i5-2500K
ASUS P8P67 Pro, Intel P67
CORSAIR Dominator CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 2x 4GB
OCZ Vertex II Series SATA II 2.5" SSD, 60GB
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1.0TB
Fractal Design Define R3

Using access to MSDN-AA, I got an ISO and key for Windows 7 Pro x64 (DVD - English). I then burnt the ISO to a DVD using my current computer, a WinXP 6 year old ACER laptop. When trying to do the clean install of Win 7 Pro on the new desktop, the installer starts up fine, but after choosing my language and regional settings, I get the famous "A required CD/DVD device driver is missing" error.

Here are the things I have tried, in vain:

1) Installing the various available SATA drivers from the ASUS motherboard DVD. This doesn't help and gives a "No new devices could be found" error.
2) Reburning the ISO with ImgBurn at 2.4x speed with verify on.
3) Redownloading the ISO from MSDN-AA and reburning the new ISO at 2.4x speed.

Note that I would have tried to make a bootable flashdrive of the ISO (using this guide: Install Windows 7 From USB Drive/Pen Drive ) but since I'm on Win XP on my current computer, DiskPart doesn't work in the same way. I therefore cannot do this, at least not in the manner described in that guide.

Talking of DiskPart, I called up the command window in the Win 7 installer, and it shows NO drives at all. In the ASUS EFI BIOS, I have chosen boot priority for the DVD drive, and the two hard drives can be seen from there (although the SSD cannot be chosen as a priority for booting, which is weird, and possibly linked to this problem?).

I think I've said everything. Thanks in advance for any help!
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