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08 Feb 2011  

Well its not POS Vista lol : )
Win7 - 2.7ghz x2 amd - winXp Game FPS


(( Is here a program I can find that will completely strip my Windows XP or Win7
down to bare minimal function for maximum Game performance with FPS? ))
I know tons of things I can reHastle with. But Id rather not.
(Ive tried Gamebooster 2. It does ""Decently"").

But is there anything else that would strip my fresh copy of windows down to bare basics? For maximum Frames per second on Games?

I have an Amd 2.7ghz cpu dual core 2gig ram.
For years ive run through performance tweaks to try and maximize windows performance.

I want every Frame per second I can get on games like GTA4 and Bad company 2.
I seem to get 20-30-35 FPS with WinXP and 5-10 lower with Win7, even
with all the options I could lower with Win7.

Two questions.

Should I just stick with Win XP because my of my hardware?
Or should I be able to get the same FPS with win7?

Ive tried both multiple times. I seem to be able to hit 20-30 fps easier with WinXP.

I Wish Windows came with a "Bare bones Game Frames per second" Mode.
That stripped every @#$kn non-game related feature and every other feature that isnt needed for online gameplay.

I would rather reinstall windows every 6 months, and keep no secure data on my PC,
than to sacrifice FPS.

Ive tried gamebooster 2. It seems to do a half grass job at stripping down unnessisary programs. But not what I call perfect.
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