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08 Feb 2011  

Well its not POS Vista lol : )

Thanks, but console controllers are so fail for fps.
I'm not repurchasing(secretly upgrading) 300 bucks worth of console every 3-4 years
along with the PC.

If I had the cash, I would just upgrade my PC.
I wont reroute cash for hardware that is nonModable without forgoing warrenty-Eula.

If I had 200 bucks, my PC would have much better perfomance than the console.

So once again the console would be second place performance. non upgradeable.
non moddable, controller based, etc etc etc.

If I had more cash, I would buy both.

And to the other reposter, thanks for the generic "buy better hardware" response.
I never would have thought of that. Lol.

I can actually get great performance out of BFbad company2 on my hardware,
under Windows XP, that doesnt drop under 30 fps. its not the best, but it works with what I have.

So my question was,

Is it possible to achieve the same performance with Windows 7, on my hardware.
Or should I go back to XP again.

Im going back to Xp in a few. I would just think that microsoft would be able to have a minimal mode on Win 7, that insured it ran as well as WinXP.

Im sure with better hardware, the line would be close enough that you couldnt tell.
But for the other half of the Hardware in the world. I guess that wasnt an important feature.
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