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09 Feb 2011  
Julio Cortez

Win 7 Pro x64 SP1 Windows XP SP3

Is it possible that you need special SATA drivers for AHCI, which are not included in Windows?
It looks strange to me as Windows 7 should have AHCI support built-in, but well..

If so, try reading this tutorial: it's exactly the way I did to create an XP CD that would install on my ICH10R chipset (the "clean" MSDN install CD I had wouldn't recognize my HD if I had AHCI enabled in the BIOS) and maybe (but I don't know it for sure) you can adapt it to Windows 7 somehow
SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

If your chipset has AHCI enabled, indeed, you may:
  • either need to get the specific AHCI drivers for your SiS 968 chipset (if you're installing Windows from a "clean" CD)
  • or use a recovery media/partition from MSI (which, hopefully, will have inbuilt the drivers you need).
Otherwise (if AHCI drivers aren't provided the right way) it could tell you that a disk couldn't be found (again, it looks strange anyway).

Does the drive work correctly, as far as you know?
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