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12 Feb 2011  

Windows 7 x64bit Home Premium
anybody with xfx nforce 750i sli + OCZ2N800SR4GK

OCZ2N800SR4GK: is the P# of SLI-Ready Edition DDR2 PC2-6400 4 GB Dual Channel.

I have 4x2gb's sticks (8gb) with this motherboard (XFX nforce 750i SLI) which does not have a QVL, or at least i cannot find it.

I have been having problems with this mobo for a long period of time, first I had a very strange booting problem which I could not solve even though I tweaked the BIOS with all imaginable settings (I think) following directions from these forum members.

Then I decided to replace the MOBO with the same one. I installed it with the same hardware and no more booting problem, all good except that this time I started having freezing problems. The PC just freezes randomly. Sometimes it will not freeze for a day or two, sometimes it will freeze after an hour or two, etc etc.

I have tried with just 3 and 2 sticks and stock timings (5-4-4-15-1t) and voltage (2.1) but freezing happens more often when I tweak the BIOS with these settings and many others.
I read that memory voltage that gets over 1.8 can create issues but it can be solved. My memory specs say it is 2.1V. Maybe this is the Issue??

I have tried memory test and no errors. Have tried lot of stuff, I mean A LOT!
I would be happy if at least I could run it with 3 sticks (6gb) because when it does not freeze the computer works phenomenal.

I have not found anyone on the net with these memory and mobo. Why would that be?
Please help me solve this problem!!

Thanks a lot everyoneand cheers!!
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