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12 Feb 2011  

Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, OSX El Capitan, Windows 10 (VMware)
From HDD to SSD restore...

I have a PC with an HDD as system drive, with three partitions:

From HDD to SSD restore...-disk0.jpg

This is an OEM installed system and plan to replace this 256GBs HDD with and 160GBs SSD drive. The partition size for the HDD can be reduced with various software tools to match the size of the SSD. Once the size is matched, backup HDD and restore to SSD the system images seems to be a viable option, after formatting the SSD first.

This sounds good, but couple of things that are questionable:
  • the first partition (71MBs) will not be moved over, but it has the boot record
  • the size of the recovery partition (10GBs) should be reduced
  • restoring the image from the HDD to the SSD
Will the alignment of the SSD drive remain intact, or the image from the HDD will change it?

The plan for moving over to the SSD is:
  1. Shrink the "OS", or "C" drive, to the size of the formatted SSD drive
  2. Create an image of the "OS" drive
  3. Restore the image to the SSD drive
  4. Do a start up repair for the SSD drive
This plan seems like workable, but I am not sure.

There's also another HDD for applications that will be replaced by an SSD drive as well. This move seems rather easy since it is a single partition, just an image backup and restore should suffice. As long as the drive letter is the same, the applications work just fine, right?

Installing the OS and the programs is certainly an option, but I rather not spend hours with installing programs and restoring data for a number of applications. Not to mention finding all of the license key and installation media for the applications...

Any suggestion would be appreciated...

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