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12 Feb 2011  

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This may not be a good post but it is to those of you that are about to buy an SSD.

I recently purchased two OCZSSD2-2VTXE120G 2.5" 120Gig OCZ Verte3x 2 Drives. Once installed the size is reported at 107.13 Gig.
Thats a loss of 12.87 Gigs. That is 10.725% less than advertised.
I am accustomed to drives being less than the size printed on the device. But don't you think 10% is a little steep.
The following is a quote from their web site concerning the ssd's:
Consumers may see a discrepancy between reported capacity and actual capacity; the storage industry standard is to display capacity in decimal. However, the operating system usually calculates capacity in binary format, causing traditional HDD and SSD to show a lower capacity in Windows. In the case of SSDs, some of the capacity is reserved for formatting and redundancy for wear leveling.
Going from 120 Gig decimal to "binary" (1028?) would mean a loss of 3.36 Gig. That I would understand. The link in this post is to a news blivot that indicateds to me there has been some dissatisfaction with these drives. They are offering a remedy which a lot of people will not bother with.
I Think I have been had. Maybe not. But I have got that feeling.

OCZ Forum - New update on the 25nm OCZ SSD drives

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