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13 Feb 2011  

Win 7 Ultimate 32bit

I am not familiar with using Raid Cards of any kind,,,

But will warn you that ,..,..,..,.

I run a raid 1 array for the system disk in this machine, and a raid 0 array for data files.
Is completely backwards, unless you are off loading backups elsewhere of your Data Files.
Raid 0 is intended not for Data Files access, but for OS and Application access.
And, you have no redundancy, if one drive fails, say good bye to all your data. It's gone and not recoverable.

As I said, it is not completely noticeable, but run with Raid 0 for about 6 months on your OS Apps disk, then switch to a single drive, you will see it where it really counts. Where I have noticed it is heavy disk access at loading/running certain things, such as some games, video and audio rendering. Again, it's a minor increase.

You will not notice it with data transfers and accesses.
Unless you have 50 people trying to access the same data all at once.

That is one of the benefits of Raid 5, or if you can Raid 6 is best.
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