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14 Feb 2011  
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I have read many studies that say with Intel Rapid Storage Technology or Intel Matrix Storage, whichever you do have,,, doesn't matter if you use Raid 1 or 0, you will not see a speed increase
But, I say try it yourself, cause studies versus real world are apples and oranges.

What I can say, is the increase is noticeable, and worth it, but not mind blowing.
Raid 0, does make a difference under certain circumstances.
Sorry to take this off topic but my understanding is that with RAID 1 you will not see any performance increase over a non RAID setup. Iíve also experienced quite the opposite with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Here are 2 Corsair SSD drives set up in RAID0 on a AMD and Intel system. Show us your SSD performance

Unfortunately I deleted the non RAID benchmark so I do not have that for comparison. However, I can honestly say that the RAID0 outperformed the non RAID in both systems with the Intel being faster. Fully understand that these are synthetic benchmarks but they do add some value to real life performance.
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