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14 Feb 2011  

win 7 home premium
Crud attaching to mouse pointer

Setup: Win 7 Home premium 64 bit

This is an odd problem. I periodically get some kind of crud that seems to attach to the mouse pointer. It looks something like the kind of `v' you might make to quickly draw as a representation of a flying bird.

But there 7 or 8, maybe more, stacked vertically. I'm not sure what makes it go away but it does after a while. (usually)

It appears to have something to do with the right bottom corner area of my screen where I have the clock just to the left of icons of the system tray. And finally a sort of patch or rectangular square that will make the desktop appear.

I just found today that if I rub the mouse around in that area, the crud gets many more vertical stacks of `vee', until finally its a little block about the size of a postage stamp, just a little shorter and square, and looks something like a speckled sheet or one with many bits of herringbone pattern.

The block has only happened after passing the mouse there many times. Usually it's just a single column of the these stacked `vees'

It appears I may need a restart or such this time, since the darn thing is not going away and is quite annoying.

Anyone have a guess what might be going on?

I didn't much feel like trying get a screen grab but I can if necessary, to get it figured out.
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