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16 Feb 2011  
John 1

Windows 7

Hi DeanP,

Thank you for your reply.
I read through that post/tutorial - Startup Repair
an interesting read.

Also, i am quite surprised at how busy this forum is.
And a lot of it seems to be startup problems.

Somewhere in that Tutorial i found out something very interesting,
that there are two CMD arrangements.
There is an Advanced Command Mode,
as well as an ordinary Command Mode.

I did not know that.

Apparently you know when you are in Advanced Command Mode
because it starts from System32.

Well i am pleased to say that the command mode that i was able to access
did indeed start in system32.

I went back over that tutorial to read up more about this, but i didn't
find it again. I think it may have been via one of the links in there.
From what i recall some of the functions can only be done in the
Advanced Command Mode, so i spose i should be glad i've got to that one.


Anyway, the problem does indeed persist.

After many "Startup Repair" routines, there does not seem to be any change.
I began to wonder if this machine has Win7-64, instead of Win7-32
so i downloaded a 64bit rescue disk, and got the same results.

Thing is, although i am pretty sure its 32bit, i dont really know.
And i dont know how to tell.

The build is Ver 6.1.7600
For all i know, the 64bit has the same build number.
So, i am going to go with it being a 32bit machine.
(unless theres a way to tell for sure)


I am going to get back to the advanced CMD,
and do as you say,
bootrec /fixboot then bootrec /fixmbr

Now, will it be Ok to run these commands from the starting point of CMD,
which in this case is
which takes me to



Or should i navigate to the C drive ?

Maybe the X drive holds the instructions to work on the C drive,
Or maybe i should go to the C drive to do this.

Unfortunately my knowledge of Win7 architecture is no more than a mustard seed,
and my knowledge of repairing it, is even less.
I dont even know what or where drive X is.
(maybe its a repair partition ?)


I am gratefull for your help,
and i will patiently await your reply.

Regards, John
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