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18 Feb 2011  
Capt.Jack Sparrow

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I recently have some BSOD's wich lead in reinstalling windows completly,

They when i shutdown my computer, shutting down the computer takes ages, wich lead in BSOD with i think this mssg, the computer didn't make a minidump but did create the folder.

When the computer restarts i can enter my password and then i have just a black screen with a mouse cursor, when i task manager (ctrl+shift+esc) i can walk trough the folders to the minidump folder. but it shows up empty, I can't insert a usb stick in the computer nor can i use network capability's

also when i use taskmanager to startup devicemanager it doesn't show any exclamation marks in the list.

i have this computer for about 4 months now. just added the new monitor Samsung xl2370 to my setup (currently my second screen is at samsung repair center for RMA, but it's a p2370)

Is there someone who experienced the same problem here or does someone have the solution i would be glad to hear about that,

i didn't reinstall the computer yet the last time it happend. so i can search for something you might need for helping me to get a solution. is

Also my PC setup is entered, and exactly what i have in there. The memory is listed in the compatible list of ASUS. (KHX1600C9D3/6GX)

Let me know when more information is needed. mean while i'm trying to get the BSOD again with my camara pointed at my screen.

Also i can't generate the file with the perfmon /report command. it shows that it can't acces the destination file.

this is the second time i have this problem the second time was 2 days after the complete reinstall.

The number of processes that are listed is: 24
And almost all the service's that are listed are status: stopped

also i've tried to recover with the original windows cd.

also it's possible to start windows in safe mode. i could access the dump file here.


Hello Mike and Welcome to SF!

I have seen similar issue before with XP turns out to be a virus issue. But it fixed by reinstalling Windows. But in your case I suspect it could be Hardware issue follow this link Hardware Diagnostic | Captain Debugger and post us the results (Hard drive and RAM). When you reinstalled Windows did your format the entire Hard drive and then do a Clean Install ?
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