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22 Feb 2011  

Win 7 x64
random crashes with a twist

Hello there,

So my computer will randomly just turn off within the first minute or two of the first boot up of the day. If I try to push the power button right away, nothing happens. If I wait a few seconds and hit the power button, the computer begins boot up, "burps" (and by that i mean that i can hear the fans slow in RPMs just for a half second and then continue as normal) and then all is well. Like I said, this normally only happens once when I turn it on for the first time during the day (although now it seems to be happening more frequently, thus the post).

I'm running x64 on a SSD (I had to install XP first), full retail version. Mobo/CPU/RAM are only about a year old. SSD about 6 months. PSU about 5 yrs. Tower about 8 yrs. I don't OC.

I was thinking this had to be PSU or overheating. I bought a PSU tester but everything was normal. Core temps run consistently in the 40s. Thinking more about it, I'm not sure its hardware given how everything seems to work fine after the first crap out. WhoCrashed doesn't reveal any errors. Attached are the requested files.

At this point I'm wondering about getting a new case/PSU or reformatting and starting over. HELP PLEASE!
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