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26 Feb 2011  

windows 7 64bit

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The first thing that comes to my mind is, does this external hdd have its own powersupply or does it receive its power from the USB ports only?

If it has its own powersupply, check with iOmega: and see if your hdd requires drivers for Windows 7. In years past, iOmega required drivers for all of its stuff whereas other products you could just plug into the usb and they would work.

If it receives its power from the USB ports, try to use a cable that has two ends for the USB ports, it could be just a lack of power. I have 1 TB (not iomega) that would not work from my front USB ports but will work from the rear USB ports of my desktop.

Let me know how this turns out for ya...
It has its own power supply, i've checked on the iomega site and they say that all of their drivers are covered by windows 7.

I went through some of their steps that they detail for support on undetected drives and it mentions about IRQ conflicts, i looked at that and there are lots of things assigned to the same IRQ on a few different numbers - i'm not sure on trying this yet as i'm worried that something major will stop working.
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