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11 Jun 2009  

Windows Vista 6 Ultimate

Thanks Shawn.

Yeah, I wanted to avoid VM, but that's okay.

I'll just wait till Windows 7 actually comes out so I don't have to worry about formatting my comp again. I reinstalled my 64 Ultimate today and managed folders from my storage drives to get rid of unnecessary clutter. I was going to prepare the system for the dual boot now that I had extra space, but I don't want to lose my programs as soon as the expire date hits. I might still install the OS to play around with it. The only problem is deciding which one I want to be my main workhorse.

I was hoping to utilize Windows 7 until the date, and then just easily plug back into my Vista install with no fuss and continue using my programs until I could pay for the new OS. Sokay though. I'm still deciding on what to do. I'd like a new fresh interface to play with and work in.

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