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07 Mar 2011  
Rick OShea

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

Trying to keep this thread on topic and with another queery...

Now that i know how to safely revert the icons back to original, i'd like to modify completely the look of the Windows, Icons, Desktop, etc., to suit my favorite wallpapers. I've looked around and the only place that comes close is the ones in Deviantart but i've found none that are 'quite right' for me or that come complete with Icon packs.
Is there a way to customize the Windows 7 Desktop theme/skin like WinXP where we could manually and seperately change the colour, fonts & sizes for all the title bars, message boxes etc.
Windows 7 seems to be limited by changing 'fixed' themes that only change window title bars, borders and wallpapers with an option of adjusting the colour intensity of those 'fixed' themes.

Replying to previous suggestions...
ARC - I did download D3ft0n3Z's Icon pack at the same time as yours and checked out both, his had all 3 files included so i tried yours first that had only "Imageres.dll" - if yours didn't work properly i would have tried his next. Yes, his is probably better as a "complete fix" but i was curious as to what 'exactly' needed fixing so i can learn from this experience.
D3ft0n3Z - You're right regarding making backups, and i usually do, but at the time i had no idea what files were going to be changed by Alienware and especially that when uninstalled it would be one of those 'dirty' uninstalls that doesn't uninstall everything and leaves crap behind.
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