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14 Mar 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

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Hi, I have a set of 6gb (3x2gb) corsair xms 3 @ 1333mhz which are currently by default running at 1066 mhz. My CPU is Intel i7 920 currently at stock (2.66Ghz)

If I just arrange the timings from the bios will it cause any problems / damage ?
Are the timings related to the cpu clock ?

If the RAM you bought is supposed to run at 1333MHz than you'll have to "manually" set those parameters in the BIOS. By default any RAM running above 1066 will be set to 1066.

Example: I have corsair's Dominator Memory which runs at 1600MHz @1.65volts. If I don't use the memory's XMP profile or just let the board use it's default settings it will run my memory at 1066MHz @1.5volts - regardless of the fact that the memory is designed to run at 1600MHz @1.65volts. Therefore I have to either manually set my memory to its "performance" settings or use the memory's supported XMP profile with my MB allows.

In short if you want your memory to run at its supported speed of 1333MHz you're have to manully set it in the BIOS. In you case you want to set the speed at 1333MHz and leave the voltage at 1.5 according to the specs listed here - XMS3

Hope this helps.
Thanks, I will change it as soon as I get home, quick question :

will the difference be noticeable ?
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