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14 Mar 2011  

W7 Prof 64 bit

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Be very careful. I know you have the pin assignments for the case cable provided by Lian Li, as do I. But I cannot find any official information on the FX card pin assignment although it should be standard audio pin assignments. but is it HD or AC97? The Lian Li cable has a connector for both. If you are plugging the HD connector into the FX card and it is HD audio, then why does it not work for the headphones provided the Pin 1 on the FX card is lined up with Pin 1 on the case cable?

In another thread the poster gives a pinout that does not match the Lian Li cable.

Again, be careful. If the headphones work when plugged into the back of the Supreme FX card it may be best to use it that way for now until you have definitive information.

What case and motherboard do you have?

I am with ya on the two different plugs. I tested both and motherboard bios was set correctly, but neither will work for headphone. Weird!

I have not been able to find official information on the FX card pin assignment as well.

I wonder if just the pins for the heaphone are the problem. Pins 5/6 and 9/10.
Because the mic will work with either plug!

Woops, should mention that the plug only fits one way. There are only 9 pin holes.

I found this pinout configuration at ASUS forum, but I don't trust it -

Looking for info on SupremeFX II audio card
Pinouts for the Supreme fx II 10pin HD connector on the back of the module.

1 2 3 4 5
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 the zeros are the pins the numbers are what each pin is.
6 7 8 9 10

1. Line out Left
2. No Connection
3. Line out Right
4. Micbiyes (not used in my case)
5. Mic In

Bottom Row
6. Return Left
8. Return Right
9. +5VA pos
10. -Ground
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