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16 Mar 2011  
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As for the drivers, click on each of the links and it will give you "clues" as to where you can find the drivers. Compare these clues to what you have on your system (and at the drivers download section of your laptops manufacturer's webpage - and you should be able to figure out which is which.

Skip the first one (amdxata.sys) as it'll make you pull your hair out!

For example, the second one is MpFilter.sys
Clicking on the link shows you that it's a part of Microsoft Antimalware - so it most likely belongs to Microsoft Security Essentials.
Check your system to see if that program is installed on your system.
If so, try updating the program using the updates button in it - or by using Windows Update.

Now, since you have a USB issue - scroll down a bit to ewusbmdm.sys
Clicking on the link reveals this to be a USB modem of some sort.
So, it'd be a wise idea to update the drivers on this device.
The link in the table doesn't work right now, so try the Cell Phone carrier that provided the modem and see if they have updated drivers.

If if the drivers aren't newer, uninstall the current version on the system and install a fresh copy. This is in case the current drivers are corrupted (even if they are the newest version).

After updating the drivers you'll need to visit Windows Update and select "Important Updates" - then install Service Pack 1.

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