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23 Mar 2011  

MS Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
2 small probs

hi, i have 2 small problems :
my download speed is 50-60 kb/s so it takes like 60 hours to download 7 gb files
prob 1:
i leave pc downloading overnight - once i woke up finding bitcomet (the program that was downloading) closed - another time firefox (program that was downloading downloading ) was also closed and said it cant open (it was opened before i slept)
so what causes that ??
if it was a power cut pc wouldn't even be open
prob 2:
physical memory (usage) sometimes rises to over 95% with no program open to use all that - a restart helps it out but i don't know the cause - i don't know if downloading is associated with it but it happened 3 times (i was downloading at that time) with DAP

thnx in advance
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