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25 Mar 2011  

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1
Windows Update page in configscreen totaly empty

Hello All,

Recently discovered this forum and been reading a lot on it. I like this site-tons of info on it and learning every day a bit more!

But now to my actual problem;

When I go to the windows update page via the configuration screen my update page is empty. I cannot see the installed update here and cannot search for updates as all the options are not there. The screenshot shows much better my problem:

I can see the installed updates on my computer via the installed programs in the config screen and as you can see my computer still does the automatic updates even though I have this problem! (problem noticed a couple of weeks ago) It looks like I got 3 updates yesterday but did not received any notification or info that the updates where actually installed!

The affected computer is a HP Touchsmart which came with Windows 7 64bit and runs further like a baby-no problems with it! I have SP1 installed on it. I dont know when this problem started, sure it must have started after installation of SP1... I dont have a recovery disk, it has a hidden partition on the HD. I do have a backup but would like to avoid using it as this backup is a bit older and the computer further does not have any problems...
Been searching the internet and even have posted this problem on a Dutch computer forum where I received a lot of tips, but none of the tips have worked for me.
Maybe somebody here has the magic trick for me?!


Greetings from France,


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